Disc driers

Driers are mainly used in animal waste processing lines.  They are designed and produced for the continuous drying of crushed and boiled rendered material.  Disc driers can be used to process other materials as well.  We will be happy to discuss other applications with you.


These machines dry rendered material through contact with a rotating disc heated with steam.  The material inside the drier is moved from the feeding input point to its discharge point, which is equipped with a pneumatic slide valve.  Exhaust gases are discharged via exhaust pipes to a steam dome and the condenser unit.


Other applications:  This machine can also be used in the production of bio-fuel. 


The device is supplied in more versions for different applications, including a wide range of accessories and equipment. 

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We specialise in pressure products, using modern technologies and procedures that correspond with the latest standards.  Our products have withstood the test of quality over time in the many orders we have received since 2001.  Our employees are reliable, with many years of experience in the field.  We follow the latest developments in the field through regular professional training.

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We offer customised solutions for every client.  We also provide complete solutions:  from technical drawings to production to complete assembly.  It means you can speed up the process as you won’t need to deal with several different suppliers. Our numerous certificates and outstanding references from satisfied clients testify to our wide knowledge and experience.

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